What is Bipolar?

According to the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundations' website, Bipolar disorder (also known as manic-depression) is a serious but treatable medical illness. It is a disorder of the brain marked by extreme changes in mood, energy, thinking and behavior.

Unlike adults whose cycles tend to be made on a predictable cycle of maybe a couple times a year, children tend to suffer from more rapid-cycling, maybe even multiple times with in the same day, and hypomania, showing signs of both mania and depression at the same time.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lessons along the Way

I've learned a lot in our four year journey. Some have been helpful, some have been discouraging and some have been random bits of knowledge.
  • always keep a notebook (or folder) of everything pertaining to your child's health and school ;
  • if you're not happy about your service, tell someone;
  • nothing works the same for every person;
  • there is always a chance your child with be the first with a side effect;
  • more than likely, someone else has been down the path you are walking and they have knowledge useful to you;
  • everyone benefits from a good therapy session
  • you are still the parent, even when your child is taller than you;
  • when your child is out of hand because of his/her disorder, remember, it's the disorder not your child;
  • don't take it personal (much easier to type than believe in the heat of the moment);
  • a child will have more behaviors with a parent that he/she is comfortable with, then anyone else (and that's the way that you want it)

Of all the things I've learned, the fact that I need an open mind, open arms, a loving heart, and patience is what I cling to the most. My child has never wanted to hurt me, deep inside. He loves life and knows that I am here for him. My love has never swayed. I know that if it weren't me walking this path, my child would be alone. To this...I cling.

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  1. A fantastic list to live by when parenting a BP child. Thank you for the reminders.